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Ajente.com - Online Since November 1998
Based in Atlanta, Georgia

Kelley L. Jones 
Ajente.com Editor-In-Chief

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Ajente.com derived from the word Agent in Spanish -- Agente. Replacing the G with a J is how we came up with the name Ajente.com. 


Acting as an agent for Urban Entertainers, our mission is to provide you with a one-stop web site for the latest in Urban Entertainment: events, music, books, movies, sports, and more. We take pride in maintaining the site's professionalism and in keeping our information fresh and updated. 


February 2003 (As Ajente.com) - Featured on the Front Page of the Seattle Times Newspaper's Entertainment section. View Articile


25+ Grown & Sexy Urban Professionals in the United States of America. 


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Whoo-hoo! I just won tickets to go see Lizz Wright at Jazz Alley! I love this website for so many reasons!
Andrea Gleason

I hope all of you know how much fun it is to win something. Your prize gift showed up today. It was a rainy gloomy ole day in loveland and then when your gift arrived it sure cheered things up and made me feel so much better. Trouble is, the candy is in such pretty boxes; you dont want to open them. dont worry, i will. Your star ornament is hanging on my tree to remind me of good luck. Thank you so much and have a
Happy Holiday .

Janet Osterhaus

Thank You, so much for the Nancy Wilson tickets. My husband and I really enjoyed the show. I have been a long time fan of Nancy Wilson since my teen years. I went to live with my dad when my mom past away in 1973. He had a big album collection & I most enjoyed Nancy Wilson.
Willie & Beverly Duggins

This is just a Thank you for sending out my DVD that I won in your contest. I sure did not expect it so soon. I love this site.
Pat Shearin

Received my book No More Clueless Sex from your contest. Thanks a bunch!!!!
Burt Mcvea

I am so excited in winning tickets! This is the 1st time I won ANYTHING in at least ten years! .......Kelley, thanks for keeping up the vision for your business and giving us a networking opportunity each quarter.
Angela Cubean

I wanted to let you know that I received my prize today and thank you very much for sending it to me. I very much appreciate your kindness and it looks like a great book. I am very anxious to start reading it. It looks like one that I will really enjoy. Thank you also for sponsoring this contest. I will be sure to tell all my friends to make sure and use your products. Thank you again.
Dee Maymo

I was a winner of tickets to Jazz Alley. Thank you so much I really enjoyed myself. Ajente is great and I am sharing your site with my friends.
Motiryo Keambiroiro

Hello Ms. Jones; I was so pleased to have won the tickets for the TOP show @Jazz Alley last evening. The show was a blast and it was great to see my old friends in the band as I had worked with them for years. I will continue to shout out the Ajentè messege and if I can further assist you please let me know. Again thank you for the party. May God continue to Bless you.
Your Friend; Robert Nesbitt

Just to let you know we received the book yesterday. I'll start reading it tonight! Thank you so much. I wish Ajente.com continued success. Your site is wonderful, informative and enlightening!
Sincerely, Alicia Lewis

I received my movie yesterday and watched it last night. I love it and thank you so much for everything, especially your site which just gets better and better! Have a great holiday season and thanks again!
Kimberlea Benjamin

I have only been a member of this site for about a year. In this time frame I have really enjoyed the information and the ability to network with fellow African Americans. I believe that you have created a great tool for people like myself to meet people who wants to be entrepreneurs. Thank-you for what you have done for me.
Jermaine Ogden

One thing I can really appreciate is the way this site bridges the gap between races. As an African American woman I am always looking for sites which bring us together as sisters of all colors. This is one of those rare sites where the similarities between us is emphasized instead of focusing on our differences. We all have friends of all colors and this is one site where we all can meet and share our common joys and fears. I have been coming to this site for a long time now and still find it to be one of the few sites where sisterhood is celebrated each and everyday.
Laura Emerson

Well, your website has been my homepage for a very long time now because I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to go back and check it out on occasion. It's sometimes easy to get bombarded by other sites and we move on. Not to mention I have been a recipient of some show tickets in the past. Keep up the good work! A- Sister- In- Christ

I just wanted too say congratulations, your site has blown up. It is the most informative African American and minority site I've had seen on the web. When I first meet you or should I say, when you blew me away with you site concept on your ever present laptop at McGowan's Restaurant & Lounge in 1998, I told you then and I can repeat it now "You have a winner". I enjoyed watching your site grow, I know that you are in the background promoting, promoting and promoting. I've gave out all the cards you gave me except one that I keep on my wall in the office.
Harry W. Canyon

It's like an automatic reaction.....whenever I want to schedule an activity for me and my girlfriends ......or take my husband out, I always go to this site.....I really appreciate the easy access.
Tier White

I share all of the comments the other email recipients said. Your website is attractive, informative, and true. You can't get no better than that! Keep it coming.
Beverly Anderson

I think it's a great site. I have a link to it on my family history (genealogy) site, trying to drum up some traffic for you.
Sandra Y. Hilton

The web site is informative and the prize giveaways are great. In fact, I've passed the web site on to others. Also, it's worth checking out when planning for out-of-state travel.
Isabel Robinson

Hi Kelley, I would like to say I really enjoy the site, I make it a mission to go on the site everyday before I start my day just to check on anything that might have been added. I have won some prizes from your site as well that I have really enjoyed. I think you have done a tremendous job with the site and from one black female to another I would like to congratulate you on your success. Also thank you for creating a positive tool for the black community, we always need that. Keep up the good work.
Cheryl L. Berry

Hi....I really love this sight not just because of the Prizes that I've won in the past, but for myself it's a way to see who and what's going on in my community without the hassel of going to 10 different websites. I wish everyone who had something to promote and or advertise would use this site. Since I've joined this site I've been telling everyone I know about it, especially those I know that are trying to get their business off the ground. I love it!!!
Sincerely Baderinwa

I really like your website. It's full of information and news. I told all my friends about it. Keep it up the good work.
Stephanie Adkins

Dear Kelley, I think your site is great- it's hip and up-to-the-minute. Also visually attractive with lots of fine content. I was thrilled when I won a book there a while ago and hope I'll be able to repeat it sometime. Thanks for making it all possible!
Hannah Beck

I mainly use your "What's Happening" section to keep up with what's going on around Washington since most of the papers only carry some of the events that you mention!! It seems like you'd have to pick up copies of three papers to get all the events you mention - Seattle Times/PI, the Tacoma newspaper, and The Weekly. I've also visited the books and music sections in the past but it seemed like they were more oriented towards selling than reviewing so haven't checked back lately.
David Wilson

I always appreciate the updates and entertainment schedule. I pass it on to many of my friends all the time, and often use it as a guide for my weekend planning. I have connected quite a few people to your web site.
MaryEllen Bolden

I enjoy getting the weekly newsletter it helps me to stay on top of books, music and events. Keep up the good work.
Tracy A. Forest

Ms. Kelley L. Jones, you have worked very hard on this I remember meeting with you on this three years ago with my partner James Gore. I really use this site it has connected me with people and places. I have been able to stay abreast of the latest movies and of course Hip Hop as most of my contemporaries prefer R&B and light Jazz and I love it all the hard and the soft hip-hop and Jazz and Gospel and Opera...I really appreciate this site because I do not have to ask about the latest this and that ...all I have to do is visit your site. Keep up the good work!!!
Johnathan H. Jackson

Since I first found your Web site I have enjoyed being a member, your site helps me to keep up with whats going on and is informative and delightful. I have watched you grow and have grown with you. Although it seems if local prizes have decreased it is still a wonderful site that I reccommend to friends. Keep up the good work. How about winning some of those national prizes, HA! HA!
Ronald Campbell

I just want to say that your site is still truly one of the best AA sites on the web. I recently started my own part time business...a used bookstore. And I used your site to keep up with all the books that I need to put in my stock. USABlackEnt ranks right up there with Black Issues magazine.....thanks again for creating such a wonderful site.

I think this is another great way to explore and express contemporary black thought. Because it covers different segments of the black experience it can more readily serve the diversity of the black technologically equipped. I am thankful for receiving the email and for what it has to offer. I have seen it grow and much continued success to your work here.
Renal Ellis

Your site is fabulous and interesting. I never delete until I have fully read the updates. The diverse site covers many areas, so there's something for everyone.
Kay Splenderi

I checked out your site. It was attractive and easy to navigate. You guys are doing a great job.
Ronald R. Bland

Thank you so much. I've never won anything off the internet before. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your website very much. It keeps me up to date with all the things that are going on in the black community. I wish you all continued success with the site. Happy Holidays and thank you again for the book. I will enjoy!!
April Black

Thank you so very, very much for the prize!!! I have been entering for months now and this is the best email I have ever received. As an African-American woman, the site is especially dear to my heart. Thank you so much again!
Laura Emerson


This site is off the hook, it's the BOMB. I love what your are doing for the African American People on this site. I come on this site on a daily basis. Much Luv To You Kelley and keep up the GREAT work.
Tameka Green

Hello Ms. Jones, How are you? Good I hope. Congratulations with everything with your site. I go to it quite often to look for things to do. I never doubted you would be successful. You are a very positive African American role model for young black women in our community. Take care and stay in touch.
Michael Clark

Hey what up, I love yallz page and all it's like tha best but why isn't eazy-e on here he's like a classic and I can't find him anywhere. Could ya possibly do somthing about that? - Add Easy E to our Celebrities' page.

Thank you so much for my newsletters!! I enjoy them a lot. Keep them coming!
Beverly Anderson

Thxs, I will pass this on to everyone I know. May GOD continue to bless you and your family.
LaTondra R. Collier

*Thank You*! I look forward to listening to the CD. Thanks for sponsoring giveaways on the Web! Best Regards.
Cheryl Free

I Just want to thank you once again for the contest I won back in April on the 25th. The Slow Jazz CD is very nice. They say you can't win if you are not in it, and I am just glad I did decide to enter. Once again I thank you. I come to the site often to see what is going on day to day.
Arlene Russell

I get a lot of enjoyment from your site. Thanks again.
Ed Ring

Just wanted to say hallo and keep bringing the flavour to us. Keep it up guyz!
Emmily kimwattan

Excellent website. I love the number of strategic alliances presented such as Amazon.com!!! Easy to maneuver and utilize. This is definitely a site that I will visit regularly. Simply put, you done a sistah proud!!!!
Glynda Robertson

Congratulations on being number 1. I am so proud of you. I knew you were number one a long time ago but now the world knows. Peace and much love.
Thomas Reddick

I just love your site Kelley. It gets better every time I see it. It is clear, you can find things easily, it is FUN! Please let me know if there is more I can do for you.
Alma Lorraine Bone Constable

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For a wonderful site. For selecting my name to win a prize. I have been forwarding you information to many email pals since I've learned of your site. So I take pride in your growing number of new subscribers. Keep up the good work. :o)

This site give me another point of view beside the NBC's news, or local news papers. Yours truly Las Vegas.
Downs Ups

I find this site the most informative and fun website I regularly visit...Lately I even won a show ticket to The Jazz Alley in Seattle, WA to see DR. JOHN...He was so good and networkinged and everthing was so nice...Thank you for being the best at what you do, and also having such wonderful promotions...
Ivory Ellison

Kelley you've done a great job with your site. Keep up the excellent work. The site is a great resource.
All the best, George Griffin

Your website is very informative. i've found it to be an invaluable resource for information geared toward African-Americans.
James Mack

Thanks for putting this website on the internet. It is truly a welcomed presence. I love all the features from the Black History section to the Empowerment section. Keep up the good work....and never ever leave the internet world. We need sites like this, especially for somebody like me......today's Black woman.
Mrs. McDaniel

I like this web site because it gives me info on artist that will be in the area that would be harder to find on a regular web site. It is also user friendly.
Kristal McCall

Hi, I like everything!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT Job!!!!
Tamera Cook

Love all that you do! Keep up the good work.
Willie Gregory

Really enjoy the site. Haven't been in the chat rooms yet. I think you all are doing a great job.
Donna Timberlake

I LOVE IT ALL. It is very informative, and I like that. Keep up the good work.

Kim Lee

I think this site is very informative, and it provides good information concerning blacks.
Adell T. Hall

I love this site and would come to work for you! Adolph Bailey

This web site is the premier source of event information geared towards African Americans. The site is user friendly and provides event information from around the country. It is the 1st place I stop to find out what happening in the Seattle area, as well as the Eastcoast. The newspapers don't provide all the event information. You are my source for this information.
Donlisa Scott

An awesome site! I use it to 'be in the know' about what's happening in my community. The site is well constructed, easy to navigate and full of valuable information. Thanks for having the foresight to create it and the endurance to maintain it.
Melannie Denise Cunningham

I must say that I'm impressed with the responses I've gotten utilizing the singles since coming online 2/15/01. Compared to LOVE@aol, this site is much better. I get responses from Black Men, which is what I'm interested in. Who knows I may find my soul mate!! Thanks.
A Fly Girl 2

I really enjoy your website. I remember when your site only listed the Seattle area information! It's wonderful to be able to plan vacation or have friends in family coming to visit and be able to pull up by all cities now and find out whets going on in our communities worldwide.
Hip Bones

I love your website, and keep up the good work. I'm so glad that we finally have a website dedicated to blacks, and upcoming events, plus the important issues we need to address.

Love it

I really like your website. I have placed a link to it on my own site, http://trax.to/beepii
P. Bouldin

Hi Kelley, Happy Valentine's Day! I just wanted to say "thank you" for the opportunity to win tickets to see Diane Schuur last night at Jazz Alley. It was a great show & Overton Berry made a surprise appearance & performed w/Diane!! Keep up the good work!!
Brenda J. Charles

Great site! I am sending links to all my buddies.

Kelly, I moved to you guys from Yahoo because I wanted some peace. I have found it here. I had to always send filthy junk mail to the abuse section of that site because 'spam',porn, etc. would constantly come out of nowhere. It wouldn't stop, so I ran to your site. Thanks for being here.

It is great to see another channel of communication catering to African Americans. Much success to you.

By seaching the web through music inner city, I cam across your site. As a entertaiment business owner of So Be It! Entertainment, I really enjoy your site. Keep it going.
Will Blockson

All I can say is excellent...what an informative web site I love it. Keep us informed as to what is happening locally and nationally. Great job keep up the good work!
V. Hardin

I am really delighted and actually take pride in seeing successful african americans. Cache to you!

I just love your website. I am so happy for you Kelley. Keep up the good work.
Lisa Overton

Hi Kelley, thanks for advertising the event. I will put the website on our event brochure as advertisement. I also forwarded this note to the dozens of folks @ Boeing so they can see the site and our advertisement. I really appreciate your help.
Elaine L. Pearsall

Hey Kelley-I am really impressed with your website. I love to see black women on the move! Continued success with your business venture. God Bless- P.S. I still have your business card...and thanks:-)
Jacqueline Tidwell

P.S. I still have your business card...and thanks:-) Ms. Jones, I wanted to let you know that our orgainzation really appreciates your consistency and level of e-commerce for people of African descendency. Many of our ideals and asthetic senses may be different, but much respects for doing what you are doing. Keep the Good Work going, Peace
Nu Tribes Art Collektive

Nice banner on the front page of your web site, I will be sure to spread the word about the nice website. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for inviting me to the site. I truly enjoyed it. Very unique, appealing and easy to use. I appreciate it.
Carolyn Jones

It's about time my people come up with a nice clean website. I love it. I'm going to tell all my co-worker about this site.
Mitchell Reese

Hell-o just visited your site, and I think it is a plus for our people. Thanks! When it gets going, I feel it will be a place to be on the web. See ya on line
Steven T. Woods Sr.

Thanks! I am intrigued by the information you supply ;-)

One of your staff persons gave your business card at the Sea-Tac Airport post office a few weeks ago. I finally got around to viewing the site and am so glad I did. It's really first class, and I'll certainly share it with others.
Mandie Lyle

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am especially happy to have won these tickets. Several years ago while on tour with James Brown as a background vocalist, Hugh Masekela brought us to Monrovia Liberia for 3 weeks to perform several benefit concerts to free the people of South Africa suffering under the rule of apartheid which has since been abolished! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! Sincerely, Florence "Flo " Braxton
Florence "Flo " Braxton

This a cool website. Very informative. This is a sweet sight. This is gonna blow up! Keep up the good work.
Sean D. Shelton

I have to say that you've done one helluva job with this site, I wish you and your all the continued success.
Steven Bragg

Hey, hope all is well with you, I was browsing this black entertainment website earlier today and saw some pretty interesting things that I might have to attend. Thanks for that card.
Will Brantley

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your site. Please for all of us in Minneapolis, MN keep up the good work.
K.D. Foster

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